Putting iTUNES into Motorola SLVR l7

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07-08-2006 10:02:16

Is it possible? I bought the SLVR on ebay, it states the phone doesn't come with iTUNES (didn't read that part before i bid). How do i put itunes into the L7?


07-08-2006 10:21:14

Here ya go bro


07-08-2006 10:29:50

i need to be on Cingular to work? because i got T-Mobile and i bought an unlocked phone


07-08-2006 10:51:18

[quotea6ec8cb92f="mpbollywoodking"]i need to be on Cingular to work? because i got T-Mobile and i bought an unlocked phone[/quotea6ec8cb92f]

I don't think so, I'm not sure though


07-08-2006 11:59:56

it does not matter make sure u didnt buy the l6 then there will be no itunes


08-08-2006 06:30:56

[quote00b474402c="CollidgeGraduit"]Here ya go bro

thanks for the link, i will try it when i get the phone


08-08-2006 07:30:04

Just to let you guys know, i got this on ebay for $187.00
http//images.auctionworks.com/hi/59/59120/L7_Black_All.jpg[" alt=""/imgb64eca2108]

any good?


08-08-2006 12:01:38

it looks goof if you dont want mail it to me ill pay for shipping lol


09-08-2006 14:25:46

doesn't come with iTUNES (

unknown uchiha

09-08-2006 15:27:32

There are various Motorola/cellphone hacking forums with threads relating to putting iTunes on unlocked SLVRs, RAZRs, etc.

Some forums even have their own version of iTunes for the phones, or skins, modifications, etc.

Just Google search up something along the lines of "install iTunes on unlocked SLVR" and you should get results.


09-08-2006 18:02:25

he jepted you that the l6 return it now, the l7 considered a slvr not the l6


10-08-2006 09:31:34

[quoteacfe60d787="freaky1718"]he jepted you that the l6 return it now, the l7 considered a slvr not the l6[/quoteacfe60d787]



10-08-2006 09:44:34

That's defnitely the L7 , I have the L6 and the color is SILVER (<not to be confused with SLVR). You should be able to work iTunes on it. Use the link that they posted above. You may/ or may not be able to purchase songs but definitely will be able to play them.

Check out http//www.howardforums.com/

for hacks and other stuff


10-08-2006 10:10:04

the phone is not a L6. i got the phone yesterday.


10-08-2006 10:18:18

Wow, mine was $260 from europe when it first came out.


10-08-2006 10:55:42

Now i kinda want to find a place to get wallpapers for the phone, FOR FREE


10-08-2006 14:15:53


The l6 comes in black too. Actually pink as well....

My brother owns a cell store...trust me , im the cell phone master..


Thats an L7.

L7 has a box that has the sides slide out left and right (unlocked one)

And the unlocked L6 is in a green motorola box.

Also, the L6 is only tri-band and comes in two versions.

One version is the 850/1800/1900 (US version and is also less common)

and the other is the 900/1800/1900 (Euro, more common unlocked version)

those numbers represent the bands btw....

US uses 850 and 1900 and the rest of the world uses 900 abd 1800..

And the L7 is quadband meaning it has all four bands, just like the razr.

the l6 also doesnt have an expandable memory slot.

The keypads are also slightly different too. I personally like the L6 keypad more...L7 has a razr type keypad.

Anyway...Now u know pretty much everything I do about the slvr L6 and L7


10-08-2006 14:26:19

thanks for the info

Now, since I bought an unlocked phone, is it possible to download wallpapers from T-Mobile? What do i do to get for free? I never bought/downloaded a wallpaper for my phone before, and i'm certainly not going to pay for it


11-08-2006 07:29:16

how do i use the "TransFlash to SD Card adaptor", it's that blue/yellow memory card that comes with the phone????


24-08-2006 08:35:28

you put the trashflash card into the SD card apdaptor. then you have to have an SD card reader (i got mine for like $8) and then you plug the "SD Card" (really the adaptor with the transflash in it) into the reader and copy files to the card in my computer...


03-10-2006 08:39:15

i got the slvr again for a friend of mine, but the box didn't look like the image above. it had a different box, like a dark blueish box