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06-08-2006 16:10:20

How long did it take for you to receieve credit for

Just wondering.

Oh, and how does that $10 Bonus and Free T-Shirt thing work?


06-08-2006 16:27:10

Credited overnight for me on GetRewardz. Haven't received the $10 bonus yet.

There's a link to click at the bottom of the offer description to get the bonus, after you've completed the offer.


06-08-2006 16:29:50

What is it exactly? I've never heard of it.


06-08-2006 16:31:51

It's a hosting site. GetRewardz sends you 10 dollars back once it credits. (It only costs 9.95, or 10.95, depending if you do the domain transfer or not)

And also sends you a free T-Shirt.

You have to keep the service for at least 2 months.


06-08-2006 16:44:24



06-08-2006 16:47:46

Probably. Yea.

How does the T-Shirt part work?

Does automatically send you it?


06-08-2006 17:27:52

Heh, wouldn't you know it -- just got this e-mail. D

http//$10bonus.png[" alt=""/imgfd5aebcdbc]


06-08-2006 17:31:48

Awesome! D

Did you get your T-Shirt? They send it automatically, right?


06-08-2006 17:57:27

[quoteceb89b0105="TFOAF"]Awesome! D

Did you get your T-Shirt? They send it automatically, right?[/quoteceb89b0105]
No T-Shirt yet, I just did this offer 2 days ago. ;)

Not sure if it was automatic or not -- I remember seeing the ad about the T-Shirt, but honestly didn't pay much attention to whether I needed to do something.


06-08-2006 17:59:30

Mmm. I just checked. It said please allow up to 10 days for delivery of the T-Shirt. D

I just did the offer a few hours ago. )


06-08-2006 18:03:09

Yeah I got a $10 paypal payment from GetRewardz as well. )


06-08-2006 19:52:23

What if you select that you need a domain name? How does that work cause I don't have one.


06-08-2006 19:54:59

Then it costs a dollar more. P


06-08-2006 20:12:47

How long does it take to get an email to confirm you've signed up?


06-08-2006 20:16:54

[quote11649b255f="johnjimjones"]How long does it take to get an email to confirm you've signed up?[/quote11649b255f]
I think it took about 5-10 minutes when I did it.


06-08-2006 20:26:26

ok I'm a little lost. How would I go about publishing anything to this new domain w/ hosting? or is that not included? I know I can setup an email account.


07-08-2006 05:23:03

You just login to your FTP account and upload your web content. Overwrite the parked index.html page with your own, and voila, you have a website. )


07-08-2006 13:53:42


Just wondering, you have to keep it for 2 months and still it credits in less than a day ?


07-08-2006 14:27:03

Yes. If you cancel it, your credit will be denied.

I got my 10 dollars today. D


07-08-2006 14:53:16

I got my $10 today as well, I'm really having a lot of fun with this webpage.


07-08-2006 23:34:48

Not saying about cancellation, what I am saying is since the credit is within a day, if people cancel after they get their gift, the admin will loose a lot, wont he ?


08-08-2006 06:32:10

admin will revoke credit


08-08-2006 07:26:50

But if by then he's already pain then??


08-08-2006 13:59:50

Sponsors can revoke credit and deduct it from future payments. Just because a site owner was paid (assuming he even was, they might pay for leads 2 months or more in arrears) doesn't mean he gets to keep the money.


08-08-2006 14:10:40

Exactly, thats what I am saying, dmorris.

Suppose, a user does this offer, and get refs within a week,and gets paid the second week, and cancels it, owner would loose because the credit would be reversed.

So, what i mean was that the admin is taking more risk.. I hope I am clear now..


08-08-2006 18:31:21

i did it like 4 hours + ago, there's no activation link i need to click right?


08-08-2006 20:24:37

[quoteb81b8963cd="AstonisheD"]i did it like 4 hours + ago, there's no activation link i need to click right?[/quoteb81b8963cd]

No. But on GetRewardz you have to make sure you clicked "I Completed This Offer" ;)