How to give TR

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06-08-2006 07:21:35


OK I read the guide, I had a trade and both of us completed it. Then we both set status to REQUEST TR. Ok, Now I dont have any TR nor he seems to have got TR And the trade is not on the list anymore & when we click TR++ in each others profile, it says some Not authorised or something..

What to do ?



06-08-2006 07:27:02

you have to have a TR of 4 or higher to give tr to someone. This is to prevent scammers from creating fake trades with their friends for a high TR only to scam people.


06-08-2006 10:18:54

You don't give TR, mods/admins do after reviewing the trade details. Sometimes the trades get backed up before we have a chance to review and credit them, so if you're eligible for credit you'll get it, it just may take a few days. I just credited several last night, so we shouldn't be too far behind.

As Darkside said, if you both have less than 4TR, neither of you can get TR for the trade. You should have taken a moment to read the trading rules prominently sticked at the top of the trading forum. They will explain everything.


06-08-2006 13:46:45

Thanks dmorris. I will read the rules.


06-08-2006 13:50:03

You can't do anything about it now.