I'm New! I have some questions?!!

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05-08-2006 13:14:06

Hello my name is Mikey. I have completely read the FAQs and all of the links on that page also so I am fully aware how the whole trading process works! I have a few questions though...

Can I cancel an offer before they bill me even if I do take interest in the offer? If I dont then I would be paying a whole lot of money and my profit for the trade would be a lot less than what I am paying for the offer?

Just to be safe, can I ask the other person to send me like a small fee just to make sure I wont be scammed then pay me after they have recieved credit? ex.

Can I use prepaid visa cards?

Any tips for sucess will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!




05-08-2006 13:21:19

Yes to all three to be completely honest. ;)

Be careful when you talk about cancelling offers around here though. We try to pick offers we are genuinely interested in so it keeps the free stuff world alive. That doesn't mean you have to stick with every single offer you complete though.

And the request for a small fee is up to the person you're trading with. You don't have to trade with them if you don't want to.

If you have any other questions feel free to PM me or a mod or whoever else you want to. ;)


05-08-2006 13:24:05

Yes to prepaid cards, i think it will work on most sites.

Not sure, but i think you can ask for some money first, but it depends on TR. if your TR is higher, you can even get the full money before doing site.

Cancellation discussion not allowed here.

Hope that helps.


05-08-2006 13:29:42

Yeah please don't talk about the cancellation of offers anywhere on this forum.

Pre-paid Visa cards work fine just about everywhere and on all sites/offers, so you shouldn't have a problem there.

You can ask the other person to send you a small fee but it would depend on how safe they felt trading with you. Whether you are an honest person or not, nobody here knows that, therefore every new person who trades is treated with caution.

The best thing for you to do to ensure that you don't get scammed is to trade with people with a high TR. Even though nowadays there seem to be more and more people with a high TR who turn to the dark side, it's still a very good indication of how trustworthy a person is. Also, check them out on the forum, ask us (Mods/Admins) to have a look into a trader you're thinking of trading with, see what their posts are like as well as their trader feedback (which you can see by clicking on their profile or username).

As J4320 mentioned, if you have any questions just ask (provided it's not against the rules). wink


05-08-2006 17:14:45

Thanks for being so helpful!!!

I have 2 more questions to conclude this thread!

I will be moving to my new home in 2-3 weeks, i do understand that i may only do offers on the same computer using the same internet provider, ect., so that is considered fraud if i do offers at a different location?

Can i redo [b605604704b]non credit card offers[/b605604704b] over and over again? make new accounts for the same network, redo same offers, ect. over again?

Thank you!!!


05-08-2006 17:47:34

It doesn't really make a difference where you do the offers, as long as

a.) You haven't done that offer before,
b.) You're not doing offers from the same place that someone else may have signed up for freebie sites (ie, a friends house, school, library etc), and
c.) You use all legitimate information when completing the offer.

It does, however, matter where you sign up for freebie sites. Signing up for sites from multiple locations will omre than likely result in you having your account placed on hold. TO be on the safe side, try to always sign up for sites and offers from the same place (your primary computer).

As for repeating non-credit card offers, I would think it's the same as regular offers, but I don't have much experience with them so I really can't say.


06-08-2006 04:09:11

As of shifting home, Its allowed as long as their are no accounts with that address and thhe ip address from your new ISP. Of course, you can't do offers again, as theysayjump said. I saw a post at some other forum, someone shifted home and did some offers again thinking that he will be considered a new customer but thats FRAUD.
I suggest, informing the support team of your home change and you should be fine.

As for offers that need credit card, you 'r not allowed to do it again.
& I guess for no-cc the rules would be the same, since that's the reason site owners generally allow only one account / person, but again depends on offer and site. So, its better to ask owner.

Hope that helps.


06-08-2006 08:05:11

Yea. Contact support for each site, and let them know you're moving.


06-08-2006 09:43:13

Thank you all for being so helpful