I NEED HELP EXTREAMALLY NOOBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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01-08-2006 07:04:50

Alrite I reeeeaaly want an ipod and i have almost no clue what to do, i read the faqs and there not making things much clearer so i no u need to do an offer, well i dont have a credit card so i dont no what to do there, and refferals who am i going to reffer? if somone could give me a somwhat detailed guide on what to do in my position then can u pls tell me, oh ya what site is the best and fastest(im Canadian)



01-08-2006 08:19:15



01-08-2006 08:40:48

Hey, don't you even have a debit card?

But anyways, there are sites that you can complete to get a nanoipod without using a debit card.

Just have to check the trading post for people who want referrals for these sites.

I think they are thisipodnano4free.com or something close to that.

Hope this helps.