TR Request mixup

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31-07-2006 14:35:07

I completed a trade with someone, and we want to request a TR.

When i click on "Request Tr", his section says "Negotiating/waiting"

And he says that he has selected "Request TR" qhile mine is saying "Negotiating/Waiting"

Is it a coding error or are we doing something wrong?


31-07-2006 16:25:01

I just credited the only trade you had pending TR credit. Was that the one? If so, it sounds like a glitch, maybe a browser refresh thing? Haven't heard of it before now.

If that's not it let me know.


31-07-2006 16:31:58

Thanks Dmorris, D Got my TR faster then normal lol, But I don't think this was not the one he was talking about, I had mine on Request TR, as did he for me.....


31-07-2006 16:49:26

Nope, it's a different one.

I made the trade with Rockslikeaspoon.

I think it might be a glitch.


31-07-2006 17:28:28

I think I see the problem. There are TWO identical trades entered between the two of you. Each one is at opposing "TR Requested/Negotiating or Waiting" states. So you are changing one, and he is changing the other, and neither of you see each other's changes.

Not sure how that happened.

Before I do anything, both of you confirm that you each don't have a duplicate trade in your lists. If so, one of you switch to updating the duplicate, that should get you on track, and once that is done you can request deletion of the other one.


01-08-2006 07:45:36

Well, everything is going great now.

he had 'hid' out trade accidently and now its showing up.

We should get out Tr anytime soon.

Thanks for the help.