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31-07-2006 08:35:00

im new to the free stuff/money thing and i have been reading off this site for a while now. I just joined prizebook as my first free site kind of testing the waters but i have a question about somthing. there are offers on prizebook that dont make sense for anybody to sign up for profit wise. Like the Shape Magazine offer that costs $44.91 but you earn $15.00...is it possible to profit from offers like these and is there some trick that you all use to keep from losing money?? help!


31-07-2006 09:21:55

no, there is no trick... i would do that offer only if I wanted the magazine and that 15 dollar discount was worth it to me


31-07-2006 09:25:45

Prizebook has a forum within the site so if you have other questions you can get the admin to answer it too.

As indianbuckeye said, that'd be the reason you'd do the offer, if you're [i7374d59fa8]interested[/i7374d59fa8] in it. ;)


31-07-2006 10:39:43

yeah alot of those offers where you dont gain money, its for people who are interested in, so you get a discount on the offer


31-07-2006 11:17:00

Also indianbuckeye, you might want to remove the referral link in your signature.


31-07-2006 12:14:59

A lot of stuff I have done was because I really wanted the product and Prizebook gave me the way to do it and make something off of it. So it you really want something you can get it through them and get a bouncback from your purchase. D


31-07-2006 21:07:05

oOoo ok now i know, thank you all for your input )