I want a good Plasma or flatscreen TV-HELP!

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28-07-2006 08:26:37

Okay i am looking into getting a plasma tv or a flatscreen tv for my upcoming college year and i was wondering what site would be the best to do it on. I do NOT want to do a DIY site. I was wondering if an OC site would be good or even the plasma free4refs site? Can anyone tell me if those sites are easy, legit, or good to do?

Also if they are not good to do or if there are better ones could you please fill me in on those. Thanks.


28-07-2006 09:28:44

The OC site is legit, but your last several refs will have to do OOD's, as is common with OC. The easiest thing to do is wait for the next 8+1 I-Deal plasma site to come around. They release a new one every couple of months it seems.


28-07-2006 10:10:25

okay so is the I-Deal one a diy or is it all referreals?


28-07-2006 10:52:16

DIY for 8 offers and one referal


28-07-2006 10:54:59

but if i dont want to do a diy site then which one would be the best non diy site to do?


28-07-2006 11:09:50

free4refs has a plasma site i think


28-07-2006 11:23:05

yeah but is it legit though and how long till one has to complete ood?


28-07-2006 12:33:05

Ummm...Id say do a bunch of sites for cash, and since its for college, go for a small LCD like 20-30"

27" widescreen LCD might be your best bet.


28-07-2006 15:21:59

Just do a DIY site...they are much more profitable and way easier to get done then finding refs all the time. I wish I would have stumbled upon them sooner.


28-07-2006 15:34:01

what about flatscreens.thefreeproject. 10 refs for a 20 inch flatscreen lcd panel...i believe...so at 20 bucks a ref tahts 200 bucks for a flatscreen..isnt that a good deal?