O noes! Please help11!!1!1!

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27-07-2006 19:46:17

K guys...I got a problem..

I cant view things properly in Firefox for the following sites

Freeipodguide.com (just forum i believe)
Anything4free.com (both site and forum)

Its just ironic how its these two forums that dont view right...
Everything else is 100% fine.

It pisses me off b/c I've been posting alot less, b/c all it works in is IE, and i hate IE and never use it...

Im an FF fanatic.

Any reason why it doesnt load right??

Heres some screenshots

http//i28.photobucket.com/albums/c241/samz465/FIPG.jpg[" alt=""/img24a4c94371]

[img="24a4c94371]http//i28.photobucket.com/albums/c241/samz465/FIPG22.jpg[" alt=""/img24a4c94371]

Heres A4f

[img="24a4c94371]http//i28.photobucket.com/albums/c241/samz465/a4f002.jpg[" alt=""/img24a4c94371]
[img="24a4c94371]http//i28.photobucket.com/albums/c241/samz465/a4f.jpg[" alt=""/img24a4c94371]


27-07-2006 19:47:57

Thats not how its supposed to look right...

Theres supposed to be icons...B/c when I go to IE...Everyhing looks normal.

Heres an IE ss..

http//i28.photobucket.com/albums/c241/samz465/fig.jpg[" alt=""/img327272fae5]
(sorry for double post) I just wanted it more organized rather than all in one post)


27-07-2006 20:33:08

Do you have the Firefox extension "Adblock" installed? If so, that could be causing it.

Also, list what you currently have running on your computer when it happens.


27-07-2006 20:47:05

Save those images as .png.url==http://=http:///url (no compression ugliness)
Firefox works fine for me.


27-07-2006 21:13:13

Ehh sorry...It was quick.

Umm...in my ashtray i got aim, an aim logger, and capture wiz...lemme see if i have ad blocker.


27-07-2006 21:14:26

Just checked...I only have Screengrab, tab mix plus, and some yahoo easy upload picture thingy.