how do you print screen??

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25-07-2006 11:47:06

Now i know about the print screen button on my laptop but do i use ctrl and the prtsc button or alt? And then after that where does it go and how do i post it on this site or any other site. Also im sure that i would like to post some pictures on fig in the future and how do i do that. Im kina a newb at that still...all your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone


25-07-2006 11:49:08

Hold Ctrl then press Prt Scr. Then it's like you copied it. All you have to do is paste.


25-07-2006 12:04:35

aweosme thanks for the help


25-07-2006 12:28:17

PrintScr by itself grabs the whole desktop, with all open windows. Ctrl-PrintScr just grabs the currently active window.


25-07-2006 19:21:31

You are a fountain of knowledge.

Thank you sir.


26-07-2006 09:30:24

Freeware program that I use sometimes instead of the default is


Has a few more options and smaller file sizes if your sending the screenshots through aim or emails. Capture defined area is nice so you don't have to crop later.


26-07-2006 10:28:54

And if you're looking for a commercial utility, Snag-It[=http//]Snag-It is awesome. It will scroll a web page to capture it all, apply all sort of neat graphical effects to your cap (shadows, fades, various edge effects), etc.


26-07-2006 19:52:34

you the man...thanks


26-07-2006 20:00:40

Yeah definitely, SnagIt is the mother of all screen capture programmes.

Also, to upload images to FiPG or other sites, I downloaded an Imageshack application that integrates into Windows XP, 2000 and I think 98. If you have an image on your computer, right click, hit Imageshack Quickload, Upload to Imageshack and then it'll upload and take you to uploaded picture page online.

It's not available anymore since they decided to go with the Imageshack toolbar instead, but I can e-mail it to you if you want it. roll


26-07-2006 20:46:11

yeah tsj could you do that for me..


27-07-2006 00:34:21



28-07-2006 06:23:24

What about capture wiz....I use that..And my SS's when I send em on aim arel ike 200-500K when they used to be 3173K each.

It also has a scroller with both auto and manual options.