This is getting annoying helP!!!

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25-07-2006 09:04:57

Ok... i cant get to my laptops.YGF site

I cna get to every other YGF site there is.. but the only way i can even view this laptop site is by delting my cookies... LIKE no joke.. if i go off the site... and then go bak on.. i g2 delete my cookies first

What do i have wrong or wat is up with it


25-07-2006 09:11:42

Agreed, the same thing happens to me....


25-07-2006 09:42:55

Their auto-login cookie is broken, I mentioned this to him a few weeks ago. Don't enable the auto-login and you should be able to go there and login each time without a problem.

I just did and it worked fine, albeit very slow it seems.


25-07-2006 10:13:59

Hell yes its slow and annoying


28-07-2006 16:26:03


Do you guys still have this problem?