Click on offers, but nothing happens! Please Help!

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24-07-2006 09:43:14

I'm using IE with cookies and low setting. I have deleted old cookies. When I go to click on an offer it does nothing, it does not open up a new window or take me to a new site. Could this be a problem with Java?

Please help, I can't do anything right now........

this is for Plasmas.4FreeRefs btw...


24-07-2006 09:58:17

download crap cleaner and clean everything with it then try.


24-07-2006 10:04:56

You need to allow Pop-Ups as well as Accept All Cookies. You only have your cookies on Low so that may be the problem.

Also, do you have any pop-up blocker, spyware blocker or spam filters running in the background?


24-07-2006 10:28:22

All pop up blockers are disabled, accept all cookies is enabled and any firewalls/spyware blockers/filters are off.

Grrr this is annoying!


24-07-2006 10:54:22

Try another site besides a Free4Refs site. If it still doesn't work, I'd try using FireFox as long as all cookies are enabled and the popup blocker is off.


24-07-2006 13:22:05

some sites you have to click on the name of the offer, not the picture.