Best way to get $250ish

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23-07-2006 15:10:24

Ok, well for some reason before I came to this site I had no intrest in an Xbox 360. Now after coming here all I want is an Xbox 360 >_>;. I need 10 referrals, so I figure $25 to each person. Since I am just starting out, what is the best way to get this cash fast? I see lots of people mentioning doing a huge auction thread or such, could someone explain that to me? Thanks. mrgreen


23-07-2006 15:37:58

Since you haven't signed up for any sites yet, you could make a thread in the trading post saying you're willing to be anyone's ref for any site. You will get bombarded by requests.. sign up for a bunch of people's sites, complete the cheapest offers, and make a nice profit.

Also, I'm finishing up lcds.free4me and will be receiving $250 for 3 refs. Each ref has to complete 2 offers, but the offers are very easy. Also it's a great network as far as support and speed. For example, I paid 30 dollars per ref and will receive 250.

Also, check out this thread http//

EDIT I'm not sure if advising you to complete the cheapest offers was a good idea, even though it would create the highest profit. Always look for offers the interest you first!


23-07-2006 16:07:56

I see. How much should money should I request? 20? 25?


23-07-2006 17:45:09

It depends on the site and its offers. Just do a search to see what most other people are paying for the site. Also, always ask for a list of offers and make sure you know if every offer is full credit. Some sites have 1/2 and even 1/3 credit offers.


23-07-2006 18:17:47

yeah I know about those now. Thanks for helping.