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22-07-2006 19:07:47

so after updating my spywareblaster and looking at the cookie list I got to thinking. are there sites/cookies that I should allow for freesites so that my doing offers can be tracked?
any thoughts?
thanks )


22-07-2006 20:38:04

Always allow cookies when you do free sites, but you don't need to keep them after you do an offer for that site, unless they one is used for autologin.


22-07-2006 20:41:14



22-07-2006 22:55:20

oh i understand all that. thanks. i am just curious if we know what cookies they use/click sites they use is all.


23-07-2006 07:22:40

Since cookies used by freebie sites are subject to change, I wouldn't trust any anti-spyware software to keep the right freebie cookies while disallowing others.

Fact is, cookies can't hurt you (unless they're coded to some old browser exploits). Other than clutter up your drive, the most they can do is keep up with which sites you visit, but ONLY if the sites you visit use common cookies (like with doubleclick banners or something). They don't execute code or do anything else that could "infect" you, and they don't gather personal info (beyond your IP) or CC info or anything unless you type it into the site who owns the cookie. IOW, if you're at site A and they drop a cookie (cookie A), and they also have an ad banner from company B who drops cookie B, company B cannot see any info saved into cookie A and vice versa. So if you order something or complete an offer, entering your CC, and the site does something stupid and stores your CC in its cookie (not something that happens, but just a worst-case example), then the only site who could read that cookie is the site you already gave your CC to.

So honestly IMO it isn't worth the risk of screwing up a freebie site just to try to keep some cookies out. I leave cookies 100% enabled and don't block anything on the browser that I use for freebies, then every so often I go through and clean them out after everything has credited.


24-07-2006 15:41:07

yeah the cookies are fine. i am concerned about any adclick links that would be excluded by an active spyware protection sweet.
thanks ) cookies have been 100% enabled on my pc