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22-07-2006 10:41:55

does you still have to click on "Ive completed this offer" below the offer you completed or did they take that off?


22-07-2006 10:49:46

Why don't you look yourself, I'm assuming you have an account at this50buxisfree.


22-07-2006 10:52:19

[quotec8dc1266f8="tylerc"]Why don't you look yourself, I'm assuming you have an account at this50buxisfree.[/quotec8dc1266f8]

obviosuly,but i cant click on offers anymore. they disapear once you completed yours already.

When i did it like 2 months ago it was there, now one of my refs says its not there. I just wanna make sure.


22-07-2006 19:09:51

i have a related question, some offers have flags stating what countries can do them...are all these open to US customers?


22-07-2006 19:32:03

I don't even suggest doing those, I did them and it hasn't credited in like 2 weeks. Which are open to Canadians =/?


22-07-2006 19:57:09

Overral crediting has been very poor. I have plenty of referals that never got credit.


23-07-2006 09:43:10

guys got a question

If offers dont specifically have a canadian flag next to them, does that
mean they are not valid in canada?



23-07-2006 09:57:30

btw how long does it take on this page for them to let u know if they've accepted your credit or not?

and on the survey's page, it doesnt seem like there's one survey (at least for the vacation and for the ringtone). it asks if you want to take part in like 10 surveys. do we have to do one of these in order to get credit or are they just 'bonuses'?


23-07-2006 20:12:33

i get instant credit and alot of my refs get instant credit on alot of the offers there. i guess each offer has their own timeline, you can submit a support ticket after its been 15 days and no credit. >_>


23-07-2006 20:14:15

when you click the offer it automatically clicks "i have completed this offer" for you now.


23-07-2006 21:17:29

actually it said to me that i chose this offer but now it has to wait for verification from the merchant that i completed it.

and even im not sure if i did or not because i dont know to do a survey what is involved. its not clear. does anyone have any favourite offer?


23-07-2006 21:18:26

btw after gettign the proper amount of referrals, hwo long does it tkae to get your product? what are the steps involved? just submitting a request, getting apprived, shipping? how long would this take?