thoughts on my brother joining the scene - best path

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21-07-2006 07:25:59

hi all
so my brother has done a few signups for me when i was in a bind for a ref.
anyway, he sees this stuff i am getting or about to get and he is jealous.
so, he is thinking about
a new tv
nano x 2
maybe a 360
or cash for the above

does anyone have any thoughts about the best way to go about doing this?
1. would DIY (like the big boys) or DIY like prizebook be the best to get cash or items?
2. a big arse auction selling refs
3. trading...on which site?

curious what you guys think as I have mostly done trading with a few refs for cash
the only offers he has done are credit monitoring (he knows which one) and the mastercard credit card offer.

any help would be wonderful.
i know that I am asking a very weighted question here but I know that alot of you are very helpful and have me as I have helped you.
so kind replies are appreciated. threadcraps will be reported ;)


21-07-2006 08:56:19

I would post an auction thread saying that he will sign up for all trainn, freeproject and ordermore sites. He will make some a bunch of cash from this. He can then choose 5 or 6 sites (doesn't matter which ones they all have $$$ option) and either trade for greens or pay for greens.

Orderit inc has some high paying offers but he may want to save the offers for trades/signups.


21-07-2006 12:26:20

The most money would come from setting up a big arse auction and doing some DIY sites before they completely die out....

Other than that, as long as you avoid Freepay I would say that you can't go wrong...

Start big though, that was my mistake....Auction + DIY = $$$


21-07-2006 14:24:25

thanks guys, any other thoughts?
any thoughts on which DIY site?
should he save some offers for the DIY - maybe sign up for them and plan out his path.


21-07-2006 16:41:47

I would definately pick a DIY site first and write down the offers he is interested in there. Then he can make sure he doesn't do those offers for the sites he is going to get paid for. Also, I wouldn't do a prizebook ish DIY site, because it seems like they waste alot of offers for a small amount of points. A standard 2+2+2 DIY site would be pretty easy to finish for someone who hasn't ever done one before.


21-07-2006 16:56:53

I suggest free4me DIY (giftcard).


21-07-2006 17:53:32

I like Nuitech. They are fast, and you can obtain a $500 dollar Gift Card from one of the sites. Want a link? PM me.


22-07-2006 06:39:15

with nuitech do u have to get a ref as well as diy?


22-07-2006 09:50:11

Nope, just 6 offers.


22-07-2006 16:23:12

cool thanks, is there a listing of offers that liusuallyli appear somewhere?


22-07-2006 20:30:21

I'd say it depends on how long he's willing to wait and how much time he's prepared to put into it.

If he really wanted, he (you) could start by haing a hug auction for all sites that he's available offers on. With all the money, start paying for refs. When you get a payout you can use that to pay for more refs on more sites. Snowball it and just keep going but always recycling the money into new sites.

By the end of it all, he'll have a nice chunk-o-change he can either buy the items with or begin on DIY sites.

Like I said, if he's prepared to wait he can take that route, but if it's just a quick "in and out with as much as I can get my hands on" typ deal, then I'd say Huge Auction + Paying for a coupe of sites and cashing out + DIY Sites = Happy Face.