Guys is this a good idea... and please help

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18-07-2006 15:36:52

Ok, i am about to get 225.00 from the free ipod project.... i was approved

It is 225.00 so i ma thinking... if i give 25.00 paypal that will get me 9 refs

Is it a good idea to maybe spend 9 refs ona site for more paypal becasue im trying to get a laptop worth 20 refs on yourgiftfree

Would it be smart and do it this way and get more paypal with the 225.00 b4 i start getting refs for the laptops..... and then next question

Which site has the best payout for paypal for about 8-9 refs?


18-07-2006 15:50:53

Well $225 will actually net you $218 after Paypal take out their fees.

Anyway, if you're trying to work yourself up to a Laptop for 20 refs, then I'd signup at another YourGiftsFree site in return for Paypal.

Then use that $218 and pay $20 per ref. It should get you about 9 or 10 refs which you can then cash out for $500 (10 refs). Then you can use that $500 to pay for refs towards your Laptop.


18-07-2006 16:04:14

excellent idea.. YGF goes green super fast....

any other site have more money for 9 refs?