I hate you aol

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18-07-2006 07:02:22

I tried the AOL music trial, dollar trial whatever was planning to use it ocassioanly, i go to check my paypal and im -25 thanks to aol billing me a day later, now there saying theyll refund me if i cancel in 3 months, anyone have this happen to them


18-07-2006 07:22:51

I havn't read the TERMS for them but it might say they have the right to charge you upfront for the service and if you don't continue with the service then they refund you. /me shrugs


18-07-2006 07:25:56

Yes, I did AOL MusicNow on one site and they charge $25.90 for the first month up front. It will be refunded if you don't stay on past the trial period.


18-07-2006 07:32:47

how long does it take to get refunded, 3 months is outragous and thats what the clilili told me on aol live chat


18-07-2006 07:43:12

I think the 3 months mentioned is your trial period, not how long it takes for the refund. The refund should happen within a few days or weeks of requesting it.


18-07-2006 08:08:17

I cant even get ahold of custom support on the phone, been trying since i made my last post, one time after 10 minz of holding i got hung up on before I could say anything.


18-07-2006 10:57:47

I wouldn't worry about it much. I got charged 39.00 by realtystore right away, but it went away a couple days after canceling.


18-07-2006 12:40:34

these people are retarded, there telling me I have no account, they have no records of me there saying, yes Im on that screen name and showing them the charge, should I just file a chargeback? ive been on the phone for over an hour