tickle tests on ordercash4free :D

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16-07-2006 00:23:54

hey guys.

ok im planning to sign up under someone for cash on ordercash4free and then use the site to make some money myself.

i have a question though, they have like 13+ tickle tests and i was wondering if i have to make a new account on each of them, if its true that i can do only one tickle test every 7 days?

i have never done credit card sites so never did any tickle tests and this is pretty much my first time, any help? )

oh and i just noticed about

1. You may not complete more than one of the LABELED Tickle offers per week
2. You MAY Complete This Offer Within A Week Of Completing Another Tickle Offer

So number 1 i can only complete every 7 days and number 2 tickles i can do whenever? If so, what if i do number 1, then can i do a number 2 before 7 days? Or vise versa?


16-07-2006 05:47:58

It's best you wait 8 days for each Tickle offer that you complete.


16-07-2006 09:08:04

It can be tricky. Just make sure you take your time (8 days) and clear your cookies esp on an orderit4free site.