What are the best offers to do?

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15-07-2006 12:03:59

I am just getting into this freebie stuff, and I was wondering if some experienced people could tell me the first best offers to do? Starting off free. So far I have seen true.com and the AOL thing. Are these both good, and free?


15-07-2006 12:09:08

You're are supposed to do the offers that interest you and appeal to you, not the ones that are cheape than others or credit sooner than others.

www.ratetheoffers.com is a good place to find out information on offers.

One person may think a particular offer is good whilst another may not. It's entirely up to each person and not everyone will agree with everyone else about offers.

Also, since you were previously banned for breaking the rules, I trust that you've read them this time around, based on the fact that you've yet to commit the same heinous crime again. wink

Just for the record, we don't discuss the cancellation of offers.


15-07-2006 12:12:58

<_< haha yeah I read the rules...I'm stupid, I didn't know you couldn't do that kind of stuff but I know now. And ok, I won't discuss canceling offers....but people usually do cancel their offers right? >_<


15-07-2006 12:18:15


You realise what you just did?

One last time, we don't discuss the cancellation of offers (at all). If you do, and do it repeatedly then you'll be banned.


15-07-2006 12:43:48

o_o ok