looking for a freesite

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12-07-2006 23:51:23

that has, a wireless mouse+ keyboard combo, LOGITECH!


or some high quality headphones for my PC...

or a wide screen 19 inch LCD monitor..WIDE screen...

does anyone know where to get these items? what sites? and don't say, oh get paypal money, because i don't know of any sites that you can buy items with paypal


13-07-2006 00:02:43

You have quite a few options actually

Do a yourgiftsfree site and ask for a custom order, $40 to a referral is decent

display.123stuffforfree, totally awsome site

lcds.free4me, fast shipping, but the owner is a prick. I believe you're doing this one

You could also do some DIY sites such as prizecube and use that towards your item. I believe theres another DIY site about to release, though i cannot give info about that. All i can say its that its going to be great )


13-07-2006 04:07:24

just a heads up, dell now takes paypal.

also, could u custom order those things? a lot of different sites offer custom order now


13-07-2006 09:14:34

Try a custom order on freecomputeraddons.com or you might find something you like. The admin is GREAT! He has AIM and is a very friendly guy. The site allows you to have 3 accounts regardless of completions so you can get 2 referrals from yourself right off the bat. After I got my referrals for $120 paypal I talked to him on AIM and asked if I could receive a giftcard to buy.com instead because he told me his paypal account was messed up. So he approved me within minutes and shipped out my order. woot!


13-07-2006 10:25:17

Need logitech go here



15-07-2006 01:06:40

free4me only requires 3 referrals whereas 123 requires up to 7? why is that


15-07-2006 07:57:57

The free4me site could be a 1/3 or 1/2 site.

Whats the cost ill give you a referral amount.


15-07-2006 14:51:42

a 19inch widescreen
350 US giftcard