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11-07-2006 14:53:31

Have any of you had any troubles completing offers with the new Internet Explorer 7 or with Firefox?


11-07-2006 15:13:15

IE 7 beta, i have had loads of problems, not just completing offers.
initially in february i had problems doing offers with firefox. i have heard that it is better now but i dont use firefox, i use IE 6


11-07-2006 15:42:00

I do all my offers in firefox and never have had a problem. most offers have scripts for firefox now... or something like that shrug


11-07-2006 16:18:59

I've done my last several offers via Firefox and had no trouble. This would include Trainn, Freepay, YourGiftsFree, and I-Deal sites. Just be sure to enable all popups and cookies, at least while doing the offers.


11-07-2006 20:57:08

FireFox works for me.