Best Site for Plasma or LCD 42" or bigger? And more n00

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10-07-2006 17:26:27

What is the best site to get a plasma (or LCD) 42" or higher tv? No i-deal sites please. Looking more for legit sites with quick turnaround than I am the cheapest. Referral or DIY either would be nice but if one of each that'd be twice as nice D I'm looking at an OfferCentric site but saw the post about the change in their policies that made it harder to get items and I'm not sure if their turnaround will be good or if their rules will be impossible to adhere to. Any ideads on that?

I don't want to spam the board so I'll post my other n00b questions here. Hope that's ok.

Tranin is on the list of legit sites, how is their turnaround time?

I'm not going for the long haul on the freebie thing and don't find most of the offers appealing, some are just not a great amount. Give that trading seems in bad taste on my part. How bad is it for a n00b with a clean record for these things to pay for referrals instead of trade?

How many ref's for the $525 Paypal at free4me?

Thanks for the advice.

Sorry, I'm a smiley junkie. They pwn.

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Edit For more questions because I'm inquisitive and not properly prepared )[/sizec9151ac695]