PS3 sites

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10-07-2006 17:12:03

What sites, other than trainn, offer the ps3 as a prize (not counting custom orders)?


10-07-2006 17:12:43

I think That is the best site I have ever completed. Go with it.


10-07-2006 18:36:08

That site doesn't have a ps3 ...yet. I'm sure it will later though, and it looks like a low number of refs. Anyone else have any ideas?


10-07-2006 18:41:31

I beleive FreePay and OC both have a PS3 site.


10-07-2006 18:48:01 is really good as well.


10-07-2006 20:02:27

yeah i was lucky to get the freepay ps3 for 8 refs.
that was the only benefit to doing the wait...
remember that you can always go the paypal option and do a site for paypal and preorder yours at FYE