Transfering from IE 7 Beta to Firefox Problem

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10-07-2006 16:40:42

Well i decided to go back to firefox since i like it better and it seems to work better with me. I was having problems with editing trades i would just get a failed screen and i fufilled all the problems that might not have been letting me edit the trade to put in my Paypal account so i was told to get firefox back which is fine with me. I havent tried to edit anything yet because There isnt anything to edit! I logged back in on my account except on firefox and none of my PMs/Trades are here Any help at all? x


10-07-2006 16:49:46

hmm not sure why. did u try clearing your cookies?
I hated IE beta as well. it was SO buggy it was crazy. it messed up outlook express as well. try clearing your cookies so that the cookie monster can eat them!