Initiated Trade. Did my part. Other half taking forever.

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09-07-2006 05:30:02

I inititated a trade with someone on [bad3b6d090d]May 26[/bad3b6d090d].

I paid first on that day, since I had lower feedback.

[bad3b6d090d]June 26[/bad3b6d090d] still no credit. I Pmed saying that looks like your not going to get credit for that offer. I told her that you might need to do another offer.

She agreed.

[bad3b6d090d]July 9[/bad3b6d090d] still no credit.

How much longer should i wait?
And what do I do?


09-07-2006 05:34:28

PM a mod.


09-07-2006 07:35:50

remember that manual credit by itself can take 15-30 days...