Newbie Q re: TRAINN: do I have to complete an offer first?

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08-07-2006 19:39:56

I'm ready to start referring for my freebie on trainn, but I don't see anywhere if I have to do an offer first. It just says "You still need 6 more referals!"

ps - sorry for the really dumb questions lately. (


08-07-2006 19:42:30

Yep you have to complete an offer, I suggest reading the Terms and Conditions.


08-07-2006 19:51:37

No, you don't.

Regardless of whether you're doing it in a trade or just signing up yourself, you can sign up, complete absolutely no offers whatsoever and begin referring people.

Many people do this if they're unsure as to whether or not they'll be able to get the required number of referrals, so they hold off on doing an offer.

If you want to refer people before completing an offer you can.


08-07-2006 19:53:12

Oh sorry, I read that wrong, I thought he meant did he just have to get referrals. Sorry about that.


08-07-2006 20:03:14

Actually, sorry, that's what I meant. I meant to ask do I JUST have to get six referrals for the freebie, or do I also need to do an offer to qualify for my gift?


08-07-2006 20:11:13

You need to complete an offer and get all of your referrals to complete an offer as well.


08-07-2006 20:25:49

Thanks very much! )