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08-07-2006 15:22:25

Well im a total N00b to this whole freebie thing but I started out with the xbox 360 games thread and Im having a lot of fun with this. Some of these offers actually interest me and I actually want to try them out. Anyways I have 3 Xbox 360 games being processed can't wait. I don't know how I stumbled across these forums but im going to be stuck here for a damn long time. I <3 free stuff ^_^

Does anyone else know where are good sites to get started? Im looking to get a Xbox 360 system, Laptop, Digital Camera, Plasma TV, maybe even a house (joke). But really Im having fun with this and the pople here seem so cool. I really want to start gathering referers soon. Im a verified paypal buyer/seller (been with paypal for 90 days with + 7 seller feedback) and am really willing to pay people to help me "GO GREEN". I just want to thank every here for not being so greedy and keeping these freebies to themselves and sharing with others and the admin for holding up such a great forum.


08-07-2006 16:21:13

Ambitious are we?

Right now Prizebook.com has a xbox 360 for 12 refs and I paid only $15 a ref but I'm not sure how long it'll go for, that's you're best deal for a 360. For a plasma or laptop, I'd suggest checking out the DIY forum because that's the cheapest way to get high priced items. There are also laptop sites that are good but i've had no personal experience doing them.