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08-07-2006 15:16:10

My question is liable to start a debate or flame war... but anyway...

Offer Centric vs. Trainn

which is better?

I've got accounts at both, but which one has a better rep, sends out stuff faster, etc. I'm not sure where to direct all my referrals... They both seem to have good free offers, OC has 2 AOL's and trainn has and do you think potentential refs would be more interested in OC's offers or trainn's offers?!


08-07-2006 16:22:51

Handsdown you'll find from anyone that Trainn is better.


08-07-2006 18:02:53

TRAINN still doesn't have a laptop site yet though. )

Other than that, TRAINN has the better rep.


09-07-2006 07:59:23

Trainn. For sure. )


09-07-2006 08:45:43

well alright then!
trainn it is.
thanks for the feedback guys


09-07-2006 08:56:28

and OC has OOD. So I'll say Trainn.


09-07-2006 16:11:40

trainn for all the above reasons. where is alan? )


10-07-2006 17:31:10

Trainn Ftw