How can I know what offers I have left?

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08-07-2006 09:27:28

How can I know what offers I have left for my sites (when I want to trade) and also how can I check out what offers others have before I agree to trade with them without actually wasting my referral ability for that site??


08-07-2006 12:22:12

Whenever I do an offer/trade, I keep track (using a spreadsheet)of the site I sign up for, the person I sign up under, the e-mail(s) I use, the offer I did and the date that I did it (as well as some other bits and pieces). That way I know which offers I did, what site I did them on and when I did them

Also, all you have to do is just ask the person you're interested in trading with, what offers they have.


08-07-2006 14:05:08

i concur with tsj. i have a template for a word document if u want it tux, i dont believe such an action would be "walking u thru" - if so delete my post guys


08-07-2006 16:25:11

I'm not sure if you're answering his question but I think we might be looking for like what offers are left for his referrals to do such as when OOD are in place on an OC site. Correct me if I'm wrong.


10-07-2006 13:46:59

Yes johnjimjones.

Sorry if my question was confusing, I guess it was.

But basically I am wondering how I can know if I have only OODs or not...

So that I can know how much to offer in a trade.