Spending cash - How much really

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08-07-2006 08:25:45

Hey all im pretty new to the forum and since i recieved a small check from fusion cash yesterday im starting to get really anxious to get something =D but my real question is how much would you guys spend on referal/completing offers ? Like i think the first thing im gonna go after is a ipod and if i had to do 3 offers and get 5 ref. how much would i be spending on the 3 offers and the 5 trades for referals? shock


08-07-2006 08:37:19

Some where between 30% 50% of the reward amount if you are paying people.

Most offers are $0 to $5 so if you trade you should cost about $25 to order the free trials.


08-07-2006 08:40:22

Changed this question was answered thnx admin =)


08-07-2006 08:47:16

First off, I don't know of any site where you have to complete 3 offers AND get 5 referrals. Most sites for an iPod (assuming 30GB Video) will be one offer completed by you and 5 referrals. Since you're new to this, there are going to be a lot of free and cheap offers you can do so I doubt you'll pay much, if anything.

As far as referrals, it depends on what site you do. If you do flashipods4free, then expect to pay $25-30 a referral there and probably the same for freepay's iPod site. I'd go with trainn, there ar e other sites but none I can think of off the top of my head taht would be better.


08-07-2006 08:56:29

Ahhh i'v though of another question ^^ On trainn i noticed you can do Referal/Points Your guys opinion whats better ? do they come out even?


08-07-2006 08:58:30

[quote3805181acc="TrinityBlood"]Ahhh i'v though of another question ^^ On trainn i noticed you can do Referal/Points Your guys opinion whats better ? do they come out even?[/quote3805181acc]

I've only done the referral way. I like it that way, but it may be cheaper for you to do the points method.


08-07-2006 09:38:01

So if i were to go out and get my self a 25-30 dollar gift card i would be fine huh ok =) gonna start soon


08-07-2006 09:51:12

If anyone wants to answer. Is a un-personalized American express giftcard good to use?


08-07-2006 14:08:37

trinity, if possible i would use a credit card. no other option that I am aware of gives you the protection against fraudelent charges lisee white over nightli that a credit card gives u. ask your parents if you can have a n adolescent version of theirs. it is good to build your credit rating early in life.
as for cost of offers...my philosophy is that if i can trade while being able to do an offer that will cost less than what I would pay someone to do the site, then i trade ref for ref. i am getting to the point, though, where i do not have many cheap offers to do, whether they be trials or for services i use and love (like blockbuster dvd). this is not implying the "c" word at all.