paypal question

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06-07-2006 05:51:05

so i tried this last time i won an auction and it didnt work. i have a bank account linked to my account. i also have a cc linked there. i want to pay with the credit card so paypal gets less of a profit from me but i still want my bank account there to withdraw money too
any way to do this?
i thought i had done it last time but it never worked.
thanks )


06-07-2006 06:19:01

When you go to checkout, there's a link on the middle of the Paypal page on the left side of the page (beneath the payment method) called "More Funding Options." If you click that link you can choose to pay by CC. They'll harass you about "Are you sure you want to pay with your CC, look at all these benefits you get by paying with your bank account...", but if you choose the Yes button, you'll pay by CC.

I believe you have to make the selection each time you make a payment; that is, you cannot make this a default selection. In my case, that has proved to be a PIA. The bank account linked to my primary Paypal account has very little money in it, and is used strictly as a means to transfer money out of the paypal account to my main bank accounts. However, since by defualt Paypal pays out of bank account, if I'm in a rush, or not paying attention, I have paid out of the bank account...