IRC Ibook

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05-07-2006 07:51:50

I signed up for the IRC (http// Ibook promotion when it was still at 6 offers, and It slipped my mind that I even signed up for it. I just remembered, and checked my "status" and its still up there, with no completions of course. Does IRC have a policy about doing their offers withing a certain time of signing up? All i saw concerning time limits was 90 days from the time a voucher is obtained. Anyone know if I can still tear into this?


05-07-2006 07:55:58

I believe you can still do it, and you will probably get a MacBook.


05-07-2006 08:57:33

You think they would send me a macbook? that would be cute of them, i'm sure they've got a pile of (now seemingly) worthless non-intel ibooks shitting on their warehouse floors somewhere though, but hell, its still work 6 offers isnt it?


05-07-2006 09:39:49

Yeah, I would do it if I had that oppurtunity.