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03-07-2006 21:35:50

I don't know if this is the right place for this or not, but I think that something really needs to be done about the Trading Post chaos that is currently taking place.

I think that the forum might need to be updated so that posts can be seperated into cash trades and other trades. At least one reason I am asking this is because I'm trying to get trades for sites and all I keep coming across that is fairly recent is "My site for $$$$". Posts like that make up about 50 - 70% of the most recent trade posts on that particular section of the board.

I think that it may be a good idea to split the trading post into both a cash and an "other" category so that those of us who don't want to strain our eyes on our monitors will have less to screen through in the future.

Let me get your thoughts on this.



03-07-2006 21:47:03

Thats why there is a bumch of icons when you post....there is one for cash offers and one for trades.

I do agree though...would organize it a bit more, as alot of people ignore the icons.


03-07-2006 21:53:22

I'm all for it being split into Cash and Trade.

And yes, people need to make better use of the icons, too.


03-07-2006 21:54:33

Well, the icons help a little. I tend to mostly be in a hurry, since I'm trying to get a number of trades going and keeping people interested in my overal topic isn't very effective. At the same time, I'm supposed to be doing job applications, work, and stay sane. Also, I'm not always sure what the icons are for and some people dont' even use icons.

I primarily look at the subject text so that I can see if I need to keep going or consider that topic as a possible trade.

So it would help me greatly if all the cash trades were moved to another section for cash trades only, so that I wouldn't have to squint against the ultrasharp monitor glare at about 5 consecutive topics I'd never think of doing anyway.

I hope I'm not the only one who thinks even remotely about this.


03-07-2006 23:10:51

Yeah i agree with this, had suggested it. those of us with offers of both kinds could decide where the thread goes.
this would be a good idea since we are doing q24hr bumping now


03-07-2006 23:22:33

Exactly. Mainly my goal is to try to "sift" out the cash only trades from the rest of the current trades. If I wasn't in so much of a rush these days, I might not have such a problem with my head trying to split open squinting past all the topics, but I'm trying to quickly sift through them so I can try to catch good posts for my sites. Posts in here can be a lot like tetris sometimes. You see the one you want, but by the time you are able to get to it through the rest of the stuff, 3 people have taken it already. Let's just hope the mods here us and agree with us ;)