TR Crediting problems

Live forum:


03-07-2006 16:33:24

I have been waiting over a day now to have my TR credited. I don't think I have ever had to wait this long, but I understand it seeing as how its the weekend and all. The weird thing is that the feedback I left the other guy is posted to his account, but his feedback is not posted on mine.

Anyone know why?


03-07-2006 18:27:17

Sometimes we just can't be bothered crediting them, sometimes we're busy with other things on here and sometimes we're just not on to credit them at all.

I just went through and credited/denied all trades Request TR.


03-07-2006 19:28:02

I understand why it wasn't credited yet, but my main question was the feedback thing. Well me tr is credited now, and my feedback showed, so it all looks good.
thanx so much for the dedication.