Celladerm offer

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02-07-2006 12:39:14

Has anyone done this offer? Just making sure it isn't a confirmed scam.

Also do you have to return the unused portion at the end of the trial if I decide I don't get the superp tan that I want?


02-07-2006 12:42:36

I've completed the offer. It never credited for me. It's by the Trimlife Sciences, and they aren't a scam. You don't have to send it back.


02-07-2006 12:49:18

Yep TrimLife, good offer.


02-07-2006 13:08:46

No autoship? So it's basically like Toppik Hair products?


02-07-2006 16:05:59

[quote60650d01ca="Strike"]No autoship? So it's basically like Toppik Hair products?[/quote60650d01ca]

it is autoship, just you dont have to send back the trial.


05-07-2006 05:03:02

Ya, great offer. All offer by TL Sciences are great(Actipril, Celladerm Anti Wrinkle/Tanning/Acne, Trim Life, Zovaset, etc).