2 Questions Please

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Lady Silverwood

26-06-2006 19:24:50

I've heard of 2 sites

1. Cashegg.Com- This is a site where offers are assigned a dollar ammount. You complete them, and then cash out.

2. GraciousCash- This is a freebie site where you need 6 refs to get 250.00

I'm just wondering if anyone knows the legitimacy of these two.

Thanks in advance )


26-06-2006 19:28:38

I've never heard of them, but I would stick with the known to be legit ones.


26-06-2006 19:28:41

Screw both of them.

www.fusioncash.com - Same concept as cashegg except fusioncash is owned by the owner of this forum. It is proven legit.

Any TraInn site - Has a payout ratio of $40-$50/ref


26-06-2006 19:29:15

Never heard of them, so I have doubts about them by default.


26-06-2006 19:39:33

GraciousCash (the owner) was posting on here for a brief period of time a few weeks ago, pretty much spamming threads with talk of their site. I believe they did the same on A4F.

As to the legitimacy of either of them, I haven't a clue.

Lady Silverwood

26-06-2006 20:01:01

Thank you so very much for the thoughtful replies, I very much appreciate them )