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26-06-2006 05:54:24

Relatively new, but not a complete noob. Was wondering if anyone had, or could just make a quick list of all of the sites. I'm making a program in Excel, to keep track of what is done and not done. I will be sure to post it when completed.

For Example


Etc. Etc.
Was wondering if anyone could make a list of free4me, OC, Order4me, Freepay, etc. Thanks a bunch guys!

P.S. I'm sure its been done before, but I just cant find it.


26-06-2006 06:36:30

Ok I've been doing research and came up with lots of my answers.

I have all of these networks complete

2. Free4me
3. ThisStuffisFree
4. Lucky4free
5. Orderit4free

I still need Freepay, Order4me, Dont know what OC is, and of course all of the smaller sites you can think of. Thanks guys!!!!


26-06-2006 07:40:32

Download the FIPG internet toolbar and it has links toall the major freesites(Trainn, Free4me, Orderit4free, OC, Giftfiesta, and Freegay).

There are dozens of networks though, so I don't think you will get someone who will list ALL of them.


26-06-2006 14:28:06

Sounds great man, how would I go about finding this toolbar?


26-06-2006 14:29:24

Sorry found it dont band me!!! oops


26-06-2006 15:14:47

Hey, I would love to see this once you are finished. Sounds really cool and helpful.