Account put on hold? Will I ever get it back?

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23-06-2006 13:07:53

My acccount was put on hold at This50buxisfree for some unknown reason, and I'm just wondering, does "hold" actually mean "screwed"? I want to know because I paid for a few of my refs... =\'



23-06-2006 13:23:43

It depends on your reason.

If your on hold for fraud, not chance in hell getting it back, unless you have proof that you didn't fraud them...

If you add why you should get more responses.


23-06-2006 17:22:56

I would just make a support tab and ask about that, since i am sure they can tell you why they put you on hold...



24-06-2006 01:02:48

I did open a supportt ab and it seems like theyre never gonna look at it...