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22-06-2006 14:36:00

So I'm going to be getting one of those many plasma tv's that everyone is getting. I'm guessing it will be the TH42PWD8UK model. Now this model is not able to hook up to cable unless you get a cable box, I have cable but don't currently use a box, is this like the digital cable box you get? I'm trying to think how to set this TV up to my receiver since the TV doesn't have speakers. Right now I hook my receiver to a Audio Out port on my TV and that works fine but I'm not sure if this Plasma TV has that? Any help or suggestions would be much obliged.


22-06-2006 14:47:02

Yes, you will need a digital cable box to hook this up to the cable you use with your current TV. I'd recommend going to the cable place and buying an HD TV cable box if you don't mind spending extra. ) Not sure how much they run but I've got Charter and it's pretty cheap.


22-06-2006 18:50:18

Well, you don't need a lidigitalli cable box, you can use any old analog cable box as long as it has at least composite outputs (Svideo would be better, but wouldn't make much difference for analog cable).

For your audio, you don't connect anything to the plasma monitor. The plasma is a video playback monitor only. Your audio will have to come from a receiver and speakers (i.e. a home theater system). The audio outputs from the cable box (or DVD player, game console, etc.) will connect to the receiver inputs.


24-06-2006 10:16:52

use your VCR if you want, my VCR enabled me to get my cable without buying a box.


26-06-2006 14:08:01

[quoteff227029ea="mikeman565"]use your VCR if you want, my VCR enabled me to get my cable without buying a box.[/quoteff227029ea]
How'd you do that?


26-06-2006 14:15:46

[quote38c73ba05b="sweeedfish"][quote38c73ba05b="mikeman565"]use your VCR if you want, my VCR enabled me to get my cable without buying a box.[/quote38c73ba05b]
How'd you do that?[/quote38c73ba05b]
Yeah, that's easy to do -- I forgot to mention it because I've been without a VCR for so long. lol

You will still require a receiver/speaker solution though. If you don't have a component receiver/speakers, you can use any old tabletop stereo/boombox with aux audio inputs.

1. Connect your cable to the VCR tuner input.
2. Connect Video Out from the VCR to your Plasma's composite Video In.
3. Connect Audio L/R Out from your VCR to a stereo amp with Aux or TV audio inputs.
4. Select composite video input on TV.
5. Make sure VCR/VTR is enabled on VCR.
6. Use tuner in VCR to change channels.

Godrockdj, if you're still looking for a cable-box solution, this is a good one for you too. Sorry I failed to mention it in your thread. oops