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20-06-2006 22:43:05

Has anyone done this offer on OC? I know HostGator and StartLogic take 30 days to credit, but how about this one?


20-06-2006 23:37:40

I haven't done it but I'd assume it takes at least 30 days to credit. I haven't heard of a hosting offer that takes any less.


20-06-2006 23:39:17

isnt 30 days just simply outrageous?


21-06-2006 09:02:19

Yea, it's pretty ridiculous, but OC has tried to screw me in so many possible ways...first taking away the bingo offers, then earthlink, now my refs don't see the two $100 casino offers or Tassimo. All that's left are hosting offers, Road Loans, and some Satellite one.


21-06-2006 09:10:39

you will actually be lucky if it credits in 30 days.

When i pay for OOD hosting I always implore them to purchase more then the 30 day hosting package which is required.

My last 2 greens on plasmas4free did hosting and both paid for 3-6 months. they did this to assure OC they wouldnt cancel after 30 days.

Both took exactly 61 days to credit.


21-06-2006 09:34:45

Wow....that's ridiculous...thanks for the info...I dunno what to do now...

I wonder how fast that Satellite one takes to