biggg newb...i got some questions

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20-06-2006 22:28:40

im pretty new to this...and i got some questions
i have the basic concept down tho

when u register for the you have to do all of the offers first like how it will tell u to pick 2 PREMIUM and 2 GOLD offers before u get your referral code?


once you get your referral code and say i was so post it in the trade other people have to go through the same process as i did by doing all the offers and such?

if anyone can answer these and start me off in the right direction id be very grateful


20-06-2006 22:33:49

Welcome to FIPG. )

If it's just, then you only have to complete one offer. And yes, your referral has to do an offer too.


20-06-2006 22:37:59

so is that basically what a trade is then, someone does an offer for you if u do an offer for them?


20-06-2006 22:39:32

[quotecb1bf6722c="bigjoe223"]so is that basically what a trade is then, someone does an offer for you if u do an offer for them?[/quotecb1bf6722c]

Yes, that's a referral for referral trade. Another type of trade is a referral for cash trade where you can either pay someone to complete an offer and be your referral or you vice versa. Remember, you can only do an offer one time though. )


20-06-2006 23:26:16

ok man ok man excellent thanks alot for your help...i think i got this all figured out already haha


20-06-2006 23:35:39

Welcome. D

JKirk explained how that works, but also please give the The Rules, The FAQ and The Newbies Guide To Trading a read. They're not fileld with the usual stuff and a lot of it help, explains how everything works and also helps to lessen your chances of being scammed when trading.

If you have any questions you can PM a Mod/Admin and we can help. D


21-06-2006 00:45:18

also, remember that you cannot post your referral link in the trading section. u can say, though, "i want freepay psps, can do any other site."
don't trade with someone with less than 2 TR (trade record) if you have less than 2 TR b/c it is risky and u won't get TR for the trade.
Lastly, highly consider NOT doing freepay as the deadlines, horrible CS lately, and long wait times make other sites much more appealing

good luck!