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20-06-2006 20:36:59

Ok after having to answer 5 pms a day about uchalf I decided to write a quick summary about what it does and how it works.

First check the [b36020859bc]FAQ[/b36020859bc] on the UCHalf site http//www.uchalf.com/info/faq.php

I was introduced to UCHalf in the Free PSP forum, I wanted a PSP badly so I decided to go with them...

It's all very simple.
You register through the main link on their site and complete an offer, you go green, submit your link with the day you registered, they verify that you went green for the user that was listed on that day and send you your listing dates. They list you from 3-5 days (usually 5) and you get referrals from the traffic on the site.

They obviously can't guarantee any greens but a bunch of people (including myself) have had great success with most of their sites.

The trick to UCHalf is to register and go green as soon as they release a website then your listing date will be very early and the earlier the more greens.

Here are my stats from UCHalf
I'm just going to list the greens only since that's what were here to get.

[b36020859bc]PSP freepay[/b36020859bc] - 4 greens (don't do the psp site anymore, because freepay has been terrible)

[b36020859bc]Video iPod Trainn[/b36020859bc] - 6 greens (I went for the 60GB ipod, got 2 referrals on my own and I just (TODAY!) received it. SO AWESOME)
li http//uchalf.com/ipod

[b36020859bc]LCD Trainn[/b36020859bc] - 5 greens (I actually had 5 yellows with uchalf, and was disappointed as hell, a week later EVERY ONE turned green) I requested the $250 Check, should be here in a few days.
li http//uchalf.com/lcd

[b36020859bc]iPod Nano Trainn[/b36020859bc] - 5 greens (Because I had registered for all of their sites they let me be the FIRST link on their site) I got the 5 greens within a day, it was crazy, almost each refresh of my browser was giving me a referral. Again $250 check.
li http//uchalf.com/nano

[b36020859bc]Xbox360 Trainn[/b36020859bc] - 6 greens (I did the PS3 and Xbox uchalf sites and used both credits to list my xbox link, so I got listed for 10 days, and got 6 referrals out of it)
li http//uchalf.com/360

[b36020859bc]DS Lite Free4me[/b36020859bc] - 4 greens (Was listed for 3 days (ended yesterday)) and I just requested for approval on it. What was even crazier was that the person in-front of me gave up his spot after 2 hours because he got all 3 referrals for a DSLite through UCHalf. So everyone got bumped up a few days.
li http//uchalf.com/dslite

[b36020859bc]PS3 Trainn[/b36020859bc] - I registered for this one just to use it to list my Xbox360 link which worked fantastically.
li http//uchalf.com/ps3

[b36020859bc]Macbook Pro Free4me[/b36020859bc] - I registered for it, went green, got the $20 paypal from UCHalf, For the macbook site you get two credits to use on any one of their sites. I used one of the credits on DSLite the split second it came out so I got a very early listing. The second I'm saving for their next one.
li http//uchalf.com/macbook

[b36020859bc]1GB Memory stick FreeComputerAddons[/b36020859bc] - Got 3 greens, but ordered the 1GB memory stick instead (cost is 2 referrals), since that's what I needed.
li http//uchalf.com/addons

Ok People ask me about recommendations...

If you want to do a site right now do their DS Lite Site, it's so easy, register do the Tickle test for 4.95 (they have a BUNCH) or do True.com (if you haven't done it yet)
The DS Lite site is brand new so you should get plenty of referrals.

I know many people would argue with me on this next one but in my opinion it's one of the best decisions I've made with UCHalf. Do the MacBook site, you'll get free $20 Paypal just for going green. And you'll have 2 credits to use on ANY ONE of their websites. Which is definitely very handy.

Here are some recent threads about UCHalf on this forum

There are more, just search....

Hope that helped, so no more PMs about "what's uCHalf?"!!!!!!!!

Oh yea two more common questions

-No it doesn't cost money.
-No I don't own the site so I can't help you get listed faster...it's pretty easy though, register complete an offer and you'll get your listing dates.


20-06-2006 21:16:09

rewman as soon as u find out about the new site please pm me or post it in this forum

mr sparky

20-06-2006 21:31:14

I've been on UChalf for PS3 and LCD, didn't get a single green. Guess it's a crapshoot


20-06-2006 21:34:15

did you ask to be listed again? they usually do it if you're cool to them..

My first time being listed on LCD didn't get me anything, I asked them nicely and they listed me no probs..and look 5 greens -)


21-06-2006 00:47:55

cool thread. i have been thinking of trying this. would u want to consider changing your title to something that would make people think that this is a thread that answers questions and not a thread made by someone who is asking a question? just a thought )