Trade advice needed

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20-06-2006 18:19:51

I don't want to call scammer so am posting in this forum. I'm not even going to mention the other user's name although I am PM'ing them in case they'd like to add something to conversation. This user has at least 30 TR now and is somewhat active in the forums at times. I've got 18+ TR at this point.

I completed an offer on Trainn's on 3/29 and greened within a couple of hours. On 4/5 or 4/6 they email me saying they are green on my laptops.giftfiesta site. Well I don't see anything so I wait as I know the giftfiesta sites are manual credit. We each send email to support but don't hear anything for a while. Finally I get an email back from them
[quote1aa35cff0e]We looked under his account and this is what we found. He actually signed up under 2 different people. The offer he completed was the other person he signed up under. This is why the offer is not under your account.

User says this isn't true. Well going back and forth with user with PMs seem we are going in circles and we each tried writing giftfiesta again but hadn't heard anything back. I've finally decided to finish this site now and between vacations and new job have let this procrastinate until now. I haven't been scammed yet and have nothing but positives with my trades here.

I'd really like some ideas on what I should do.


20-06-2006 18:23:54

Maybe he could complete another site for you?


21-06-2006 00:51:11

ya that would be my suggestion. or give paypal for the value that u would have to pay to get someone to do your site


21-06-2006 15:25:04

thanks for the tips people. the user asked if they could paypal me some money, not as much as i'm paying for a ref, but i think a fair enough amount for me right now and i will use that toward paying someone else for a ref.