Ventracol killed me about $110

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unknown uchiha

17-06-2006 23:24:54

So I did Ventracol for after one of the Paycom offers and Tickle tests failed to credit. I got the trial, whoop de doo it wasn't much help so I decided to get rid of it. I called a day late to terminate my autoship but they already charged me $60 and shipped it, kindly said that they'd credit me once I returned the package.

Two weeks pass and I never receive the package. Now note that my bank balance was at $0 and they overdrafted me for $22.00 plus $5 every one or two days

I'm at about -$110ish and decide to deposit money to get rid of it (graduation money). I call them up to ask where my package was, they give me a tracking number and said that the package was delivered four days after it was shipped. Nope, because I was home that entire day.

Now I have to dispute it with the post office which doesn't help at all =/

What should I do?


17-06-2006 23:57:24

You are not going to be able to dispute it with your post office. One time, I tried some 1800Patches offer, and never received the product. The tracking number said I received it a week ago. The post office won't budge that it delivered to me, even though I never received it.


18-06-2006 07:14:50

this is why u should always use a credit card for offers. MUCH more protection.
anyway, if u never got the product u never got the product. stick to that line and have your bank reverse all the charges except the $60 that u should have been charged. u dont get the credit but oh well..


18-06-2006 11:50:19

Your bank will side with post office on this issue since they have a tracking number saying that it was delivered.