Wow... really weird.. check it out

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12-06-2006 04:24:41

I completed "Video Professor" for gaming.free4me, but it credited for " even though i already had an offer there"

so instead of it greening on gaming.free4me, it greened on 3604free, even though it was entered through gaming.free4me

is there anything i can do?

maybe get that green on gaming.free4me instead of 3604free? or at least get something extra from trainn for doing an extra offer for no reason.. maybe an extra ref?


12-06-2006 04:49:17

had the same thing happen to me on trainn flash ipods


12-06-2006 05:45:39

it's because of your cookies, you probally clicked it from a train site first then closed the offer and clicked on that offer through the free4me site and the cookie was still there from when you clicked it through train...i doubt the two company's will switch credit...i would do another offer.


12-06-2006 07:12:13

remember to clear the cookies before do any offer or the offer will be denied becuz of some stupid reason T__T


12-06-2006 15:02:34

like give me an extra ref )


12-06-2006 15:31:03

Ya, I did JetBingo on one site, and got credit on InboxDollars


12-06-2006 20:58:02

that is strange, i will have to be more careful. anyone ever get credit on two sites for one offer ;)