Question about seperate people and credit cards with....

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08-06-2006 19:26:01

A brother of mine is looking to make some cash in the freebie scene. The problem lies in the fact that the his credit card has the same address linked to it as the one i have been using. The reason is that since he got his card when he was 18 and still in my parents house he has moved, and while not being in the the house as me, could this similar address on the credit card pose problems on any networks or offer companies? I should note that he will only be doing offers and not really be interested in actually completing sites, so final shipping of items on his end really won't need to be factored in. Thanks in advance!


08-06-2006 21:47:24

why not change the credit card billing address to his new address. wouldnt that solve the problem?
if he needs the 'rents to pay the bill, he could always mail it to them


08-06-2006 21:49:09

I'm pretty sure they don't have access to a CC holder's address information...


09-06-2006 01:33:46

i agree compguru, but i would suggest changing the address anyway. cut that umbilical cord and avoid any possibilities of going on hold