Question about Scamming and Being Approved

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05-06-2006 20:32:35

If you are being approved by someone like Freepay and one of your refs isnt counted due to some reason, are they required to pay you back. Just wondering cuz I was just informed that Freepay recieved my approval form in the mail and if people are counted, thats $75 down the drain. Please HELP!!!!

thanx in advance,


05-06-2006 20:34:21

Yes, they have to pay you back.


05-06-2006 20:35:46

good ) , what are they obligated to pay you back. The money you payed them or the MacMini they lost for you?


05-06-2006 21:19:09

On what grounds did they "not count"?


06-06-2006 13:50:02

it was just a hypothetical question. Freepay finally recieved my approval letter and I plan for the worst