How free sites work??

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05-06-2006 13:06:59


I have heard a lot of these free sites. complete offers and get products for free.

Now, i want to know how does an admin of a free site manage it ?

Where do they get offers from ? , searchcactus etc ??

How do they credit each person ? I mean how they know how has done offer ?

What are the scripts that can be used and which can automate most of the work ?



05-06-2006 13:18:42

this will help answer a lot of your questions http//


07-06-2006 02:55:01

I know that.

I want to know how admin deals with it..


07-06-2006 06:11:02

Admin and SRichter have written auto-credit scripts and set up a variety of affiliate accounts. If you search for "want to open a site" there are plenty of threads about this topic.


07-06-2006 14:12:42

can you give me some links of threads for opening my site. a search gives over 1500 results..