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01-06-2006 14:12:05

Does freepay no longer accept customer service emails? I wanted to email them about how I realized that a while ago I registered with a different email address, but the same mailing address for the iPod nano site. However, I never verified my first account through the verification email. Is this going to cause problems? Also, has anybody had any luck donating to this site to have your link put up? I just put mine up for 1 day. It sounds like a great idea I just wanted to know if other people felt it was the best way to solicit refferals.


01-06-2006 16:19:49

dont think they do, PM jake and ask him


03-06-2006 20:03:18

Yeah, cuz Jake is so incredibly useful these days


04-06-2006 08:29:58

[quoteeab2350e36="JennyWren"]Yeah, cuz Jake is so incredibly useful these days

jenny, no reason for sarcasm. the help forum to to help people not stir up trouble


04-06-2006 20:52:18

You're right, I apologize. I've been waiting on a couple of PMs to Jake from a while back, but I realize he is probably overwhelmed. This isn't the right place to bring up my personal beefs. Again, I am sorry.


05-06-2006 00:14:35

no prob, we all get frustrated )
especially with freepay! )